Wynd Wearable Air Quality Tracker Bundled with A Free EBook “What’s in Your Air?” (Black Matte)

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Monitor your air quality on the go with the Wynd Air Quality Tracker. It senses airborne particulate matter – including dust, allergens, and industrial pollution – in real time. The Tracker connects to the free Wynd app (for iOS and Android), so that you can learn more about what’s in the air around you. Using the built-in clip, the Tracker can attach onto clothes, bags, or other gear.

Portable Air Quality Tracker package includes:

  • The Wynd Air Quality Tracker
  • Microfiber carrying case
  • The cable (micro USB)
  • Please note that the Tracker does not come with the Wynd Purifier

WYND – Our Story

We drink filtered water, use non-allergenic detergents, and try to refrain from too much candy. But what about the air we breathe? This is what flashed through Ray Wu’s mind as he stepped off a plane in Beijing into a thick shroud of smog. The air smelled of scorched metal, a brown haze obscured the landscape, and his throat felt immediately coated with dust. Later on in the trip, the sky turned back to blue-but the sickness continued, and he wasn’t sure why. He realized that he needed a device that could sense the air and clean it up as needed-wherever he went. In 2014, Ray gathered a team of fellow MIT engineers and renowned designers to create Wynd.

MONITORS AIR QUALITY: Tracker samples air continuously and measures the level of particulates in the environment, which can include both large particles (e.g., allergens) and small ones (e.g., PM2.5 from the burning of fuel or industrial processes). The free EBook teaches you about air quality with in-depth information about pollen, pet dander, mold, car and industrial pollution and how they affect your health. (Download Link Emailed after Purchase)
WEARABLE: Tracker is the size of your thumb and has a clip to attach to clothing, backpacks, and other gear so it can monitor while on the go.
MOBILE APP: Pairs with mobile app to generate personalized insights about the environment and how to improve health.
PAIRS with Wynd Purifier (not included) to automatically maintain air quality by adjusting cleaning speed in response to air pollution level.
PORTABLE & LIGHTWEIGHT: Designed to weigh less than one pound so you monitor air quality anywhere: home, car, bedroom, baby strollers.


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