WigWag Filament Lighting Kit, 3 Smart LED light bulbs, Adjustable Warm to Cool Whites, Multicolor, Dimmable includes Relay

Posted on May 14 2016 - 3:50pm by gadgeta

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Transform your lighting from ordinary to extraordinary. Create the perfect light for any mood or occasion. Connect the smart devices you love, then make it automatic.

Powerful, easy-to-use and secure, the WigWag Filament Lighting Kit is packed with technology that gets better over time. Control your lights from anywhere with a mobile app, a switch or create rules to make them automatic. Filament LEDs form a mesh network that expands as you add bulbs, so you don’t have to worry about WiFi dead spots. Each energy efficient bulb is dimmable, can produce cool to warm whites and 64 million colors.

The kit is powered by the WigWag Relay, designed to be the digital core of the modern connected home. Think of it as an OS for the home that gets all of your smart devices working together for you. The Relay is interoperable across other IoT brands and protocols, is expandable, programmable and works even when the Internet is down. In a world of smart devices that turn dumb without the Internet, the Filament Lighting Kit stays brilliant.

Transform your lighting from ordinary to extraordinary with 64 million colors and cool to warm whites. Make it automatic using rules and moods
Mobile App, local and cloud control for Filaments plus compatible bulbs, such as Philips Hue, LIFX and WeMo. Add compatible sensors, switches and more
Includes WigWag Relay. Works even when the Internet is down. Has ZigBee, Z-Wave, and 6loWPAN radios. Supports IP-accessible devices and is expandable
Filament A19 smart LED bulb (60-Watt equivalent), Up to 80 percent energy savings, lifespan 30,000 hours (up to 20 years), E26 medium Edison screw
Dimmable, works with existing wall switches, protected by 128-bit rolling encryption. Mesh networking technology expands network beyond WiFi range.

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