We For Dogs We Toys, Navy/Orange Binkie

Posted on Jan 14 2019 - 2:38am by gadgeta



The We Toys are for use with the We Leash, the first in a line of products that enhance the human-dog bond, products based on the principles of NYT Best Selling Author and Canine Assistants Founder Jennifer Arnold’s, Bond-Based Approach. We Toys are interchangeable with the handle that is included with the We Leash. Our Binkies are much loved and can be knotted like a ball or rolled like a stick. We Toys are designed to the highest quality and safety standards: organic plush, stuff-less bodies, and non-toxic crinkle filling for safety, while enticing designs encourage fun for you and your dog.

Attachable toy, for use with the we leash from we for dogs
Crinkle-filled, organic plush dog toy
Can be knotted like a ball or rolled like a stick
Swivel connection for easy on and off attachment to the we leash
Machine washable, gentle cycle, air dry


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