Vital Scout: Wellness & Stress Monitor; Wearable Patch for Stress, Recovery, Activity & Sleep Tracking (Available for iOS only)

Posted on Dec 17 2018 - 1:10am by gadgeta



See how daily routines affect your stress and recovery levels with a simple patch. Vital Scout is a wearable patch worn on the chest that uses smart sensors to accurately track stress and recovery levels 24 hours-a-day. With continuous wellness and stress monitoring, Vital Scout provides a more comprehensive and detailed view of how various activities affect your well-being. Continuous Health Tracking: – Heart Rate & Respiratory Rate – Stress Levels & Recovery Levels – Sleep Duration & Sleep Quality – Active Minutes & Calories Burned Other Features: – ShowerProof – Rechargeable (Lasts 3-days per charge)MONITOR STRESS: Using Heart Rate Variability (HRV), Vital Scout quantifies stress & recovery levels to help you better manage your day
TRACK RECOVERY: See how stress reducing activities such as exercise, meditation, and sleep contributes to your recovery
COMPREHENSIVE VIEW: In addition to stress & recovery, you’ll be able to track your heart and respiratory rates, activity and sleep levels.
DATA ACCURACY: Vital Scout uses smart sensors to derive the most accurate data
REUSEABLE RECHARGEABLE: The small patch is worn discreetly & comfortably under clothing, and lasts multiple days on a single charge


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