VISORCAT Motorcycle Helmet Visor Wiper/wash Cleaning System

Posted on Feb 18 2019 - 10:39pm by gadgeta




Ground-breaking, award-winning safety system improves your view of the road ahead while you ride.

Conceived, designed, tested, and manufactured in UK.

Remove road dirt from your helmet visor before it has a chance to dry.

Removes road salt, rain, mud, bugs, dust, spray from other vehicles, even soot!

Washes and wipes in a simple and intuitive action.

Durable but soft, pliable and lightweight (only 65g dry weight, 80g when filled. Shipping weight of 165g includes 50ml fluid bottle).

Made of soft, flexible rubbery material (TPE) which is harmless to both you and your helmet’s faceshield.

Tested and endorsed by advanced riders.

Comes complete with removable and replaceable natural sponge and 50ml bottle of gentle visor cleaning fluid, recommended by Arai.

What our customers and reviewers say: “The convenience, effectiveness, and potential safety factor is hard to argue with” – Web Bike World. “Visorcat provides the rider with better vision, which leads to greater safety” – IAM RoadSmart (UK). “It’s a godsend when the bugs start spreading their innards across your field of vision” – Overland Magazine. “If you ride a motorcycle you need a Visorcat” – BMF (UK). “I am now up to 37,000 miles with the Cat attached. It’s been all over the UK in all weathers and has worked very well” – Bob Crawley, Scotland. “I used my Visorcat on my ride home from Kelso to Southampton in all sorts of changing weather and it worked a treat” – Jim Bettley, National Social Secretary, The BMW Club UK. Dave Price, radio presenter: “I think it’s the best invention I have seen for years and will greatly improve motorcycle enjoyment and safety.” Motorcycle Monthly (UK): “A great idea that really does work”

SEE BETTER: Replaceable sponge, twin wipers and fluid tank in one unit that fits on your glove. Improves vision, confidence and safety.
RIDE SAFER:Wash and wipe your visor with one hand! Prevent dirt reducing your vision. Road safety award.
LIGHTWEIGHT:,Weighs only 80g. Flexible, soft material moulds to the shape of your glove.
GUARANTEED: 1-year unlimited mileage warranty and money back if not 100% satisfied. Tested and endorsed by advanced motorcycle riders for motorcycle safety. Compatible with standard full-face helmets and most gloves and sizes (ladies M-men’s XXL)
ALL-SEASON: Clears flies in summer, dust, dirt, road spray, soot, rain, mud, road salt in winter. Perfect for commuting, touring and all-year-round riding.



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