UpRight Trainer, Apple Green & White

Posted on Aug 22 2015 - 8:11am by gadgeta

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UpRight is a wearable that trains you to sit and stand UpRight. It comfortably attaches to your lower back and vibrates when you slouch. Training with UpRight will allow you to achieve a posture that you can be proud of. Whether your goal is to look taller, radiate confidence, or be more productive, start and finish each day UpRight.

Train yourself to be upright – Follow your personalized training program to achieve good posture in no time! Train on average of only half an hour a day while sitting at your desk, studying or talking on the phone.
Get tips and guidance from our team of experts consisting physicians, physiotherapist and Alexander technique specialists.
Getting rid of the bad habit of slouching is easy and seamless

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