Ultimate Hammocks Straps with Nano Weave Technology Tree Straps

Posted on Feb 3 2017 - 12:22pm by gadgeta




The ultimate strap is slimmer, lighter and extremely packable. All the while maintaining the strength and length of the industry’s top selling hammock straps. Nano weave technology this new technology makes the ultimate strap more than 2x lighter and sleeker than competing straps without sacrificing strength or durability. By weaving the loops we eliminate stitching which is the weak spot on all other hammock straps. It also eliminates the bulk of the strap. The result is the lightest and strongest hammock strap on the market. Nano weave taper here’s where we drop the weight. We taper down the strap from 1 inch to .5 inch, thinning out 60% of the strap by half. By nano weaving the fibers together, the bottom of the taper remains just as strong as the top and so does the rest of the strap. This means less material, less weight and the same strength. Nano weave looping our nano weave straps are free of stitching, aka the weak points. Traditional stitching is used to construct most hammock straps. This leaves behind ridges, bulk and worst of all, weak links. There’s a reason why so many products are double, triple and even quadruple stitched, right? Like any other hammock lounger, we care about the trees. We made the strap 1 inch wide to avoid girdling and damage to the bark and cambium. A little bit extra goes a long way in keeping our trees alive and healthy .Lightest, strongest hammock tree strap available
Nano weave technology cuts the weight in half while increasing strength
No stitching eliminates weak points that are in all other hammock straps
No bulk, ultimate straps are less than half the size of typical hammock straps
Packs up smallest, ultimate straps pack up inside your hammock bag



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