Twiggi Stylish Water Proof Credit Card Sized Flashlight (Circuit Design)

Posted on Jan 7 2020 - 6:56am by gadgeta




Twiggi lights are slim stylish water proof credit card sized flashlights made of PVC. Twiggi Lights contain 2 ultra bright LEDs that are very powerful (lumen power is about 15000-18000cd). To ensure that the lights will not accidentally go on and stay on without your knowledge, thus wasting valuable battery life, the lights go on only when you press the on button continuously. This is important so that you don’t waste battery life unknowingly, e.g., if you bumped the lights and they turned on while in your bag or wallet. Makes a great gift. Lasts a very long time with normal use.A handy credit card sized light to keep in your wallet, bag or purse
Find your keys or money in the dark!
Ultra thin and light (weight 1oz, Size: length 3.43 in. X height 2.87 in. X width 0.16 in)
Two long lasting CR2032 batteries included (batteries do not need to be changed)
Water proof



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