T-Rex Attack Game

Posted on Jan 10 2017 - 9:41am by gadgeta



Carnasaur Rampage T-rex is a savage Dinosaur battle game, including a large racetrack – 120 pieces – with sound and exclusive Interactive cards. Dino Mundi Immersive Play combines physical and digital worlds. You can build a Tech Jurassic game by simply pointing your smart device to dinosaurs, cards and racetrack elements. Experience gaming rush on a physical toy! Assemble racetrack, create your own Prehistoric world, see how the car conquers the adventure and enhance your fun by downloading the Free Dino Mundi App. Increase your Prehistoric experience with other exciting Dino Mundi products!

Dino Mundi Immersive play goes much more beyond the traditional racetrack experience! So many possibilities The Dino Tech rush will amaze you!
Physical Toy and digital game collide in one unique experience!
Give life to super realistic Dinosaurs and play with an IOS or an Android device
Includes a T-Rex dino, 120 racetrack pieces, a battery operated car, 07 Augmented Reality cards and scenario elements such as trees and rocks
Dino Mundi App allows you to play on a Virtual Dino World: control your Augmented Reality Dinosaur and trigger new interactions


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