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Posted on Oct 27 2016 - 12:27pm by gadgeta

SpineGym – Strong Back and Abs for life

Perfect back, abs & straight posture with a 4 minute standing exercise at home or office

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Did you know that 95% of all lower back pain can be prevented with correct exercise of the abdominal and back muscles?
Have you ever thought, that it would be great to stand up from your sofa or office chair and do some exercise for the good of your back and abs, but there is no easy method to do it right there, in couple of minutes?

That’s precisely what The SpineGym has been designed to deliver. SpineGym allows you to perform an efficient exercise at home or office, whenever you want.

BUY HERE: http://umcn.fnd.to/spinegymIGG

How does it work?

With the poles behind your shoulders and the belt in front of you, arch your back against the tension of the poles. This is a great boost for your back muscles, similar, but much more efficient than the traditional back raise, done lying face down on the floor.

Adding a rowing motion of your arms, gives a good stretch and pump to the whole upper back, neck,- and shoulder area.

Twist your torso to ignite the rotator muscles.

Place yourself with the poles in front of your shoulders and the belt behind your back. Crunch forward to ignite the deep abs and to tense the six-pack. Adding a bit of twist to the movement activates the oblique abdominals too.

Do 20-30 reps of each movement and that’s it! You have thoroughly trained your abs and back + activated the complete posture chain from your calves up to your neck and it didn’t take even 5 minutes!

The carbon composite poles create always the right resistance for your moves. No uncomfortable positions, no sweating, no gym gear.

BUY HERE: http://umcn.fnd.to/spinegymIGG

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