Sevenhugs hugOne Sleep Sensor, Orange

Posted on Jun 7 2018 - 6:11pm by gadgeta



“hugOne sleep sensor to use with the hugOne base.

The hugOne is a sleep monitor that tracks sleep patterns to help families consistently rest better.

The benefits of hugOne include:

  • Tracking light sleep, deep sleep, awake phase – with an algorithm that has been developed to adapt to kids’ sleep.
  • Monitoring of temperature and humidity in the bedroom as well as indoor air quality for the main living space – creates the ideal environment for the most restful night’s sleep.
  • Individualized by a smart alarm clock on the app as hugOne learns your sleep cycle and automatically sets and sounds to when the best moment in your sleep cycle is identified – resulting in the whole family waking up more restful and ready for the school day.
  • Freedom from wearing any device – simply place the sleep sensor in the corner of your mattress under the sheet and it goes to work monitoring your sleep cycles.
  • Safe from electronic transmissions when sleeping – when the sleep sensor senses a presence in bed, it shuts off its electronic transmissions and starts recording sleep data until the user leaves the bed, at which time the data is sent to the app.
  • Compatible with Philips Hue light bulbs and Nest – allows users to fall asleep with sunset light and preferred nighttime temperatures, and wake up to sunrise light and preferred daytime temperatures.
  • Shareable with the whole family – can connect up to eight miniHugs to the hugOne base.

Tracks the sleep (light sleep, deep sleep and awake phases) of up to 8 users, from 3 years-old
Helps establish regular sleep patterns, which are key for a healthy child brain development
Easy to set up and use: nothing to wear, nothing to sync, nothing to charge
Extra sleep sensor to use with the hugone base


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