Sesame Smart Lock, 2nd gen Technology – Work with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT (Matte Black)

Posted on Mar 2 2019 - 8:04pm by gadgeta



Turn your smartphone into your key with Sesame!

Sesame is a robot that will turn your lock for you. Installation takes seconds – simply remove the adhesive backing and press Sesame over your existing deadbolt. Once installed, register Sesame to your account, then set lock and unlock angles. That’s all it takes to transform your lock into a smart lock. And thanks to Sesame’s five-patent design, it fits all traditional single-cylinder deadbolts.

Not only can you lock and unlock your door with the app, you can even set Sesame to auto-lock and auto-unlock your door so you don’t even need to take out your phone! Sesame can unlock for you on your approach and lock behind you to keep you safe.

Even better, you can share access with your friends! No more hiding the keys under the mat, or waiting around to open the door or hand over the key. Simply add your friend’s email address to grant them access to Sesame. Plus you can set permitted times and dates so you have full control over their access. You can even revoke access without affecting anyone else – no need to change your locks or give out new passcodes! All actions taken by Sesame are logged, so you’ll have peace of mind regarding use of Sesame – perfect for AirBnB, home-sharing hosts, short-term rentals, and property management.

And you don’t have to throw out your old key if you don’t want to! Keep it for sentimental reasons or as a back-up. You’ll still be able to use your key even with Sesame installed on your lock.

Add the magic of “Open Sesame” to your life with the Sesame smart lock and never worry about forgetting your keys again!

NEW AND IMPROVED: Sesame 2.0 includes a built-in adjustable gripper and stronger motor. No more fumbling with detachable adjuster! And with the new motor, Sesame can now handle hard-to-turn locks.
SHARE ACCESS: Lock and unlock your door with your phone, and let your friends do so as well! No more keys under mats – let friends and family have access during approved times.
VIEW HISTORY LOG: Know who’s been locking and unlocking your door – every action taken by Sesame is logged in your app, so you can keep tabs on who’s been in and out!
AUTO-LOCK AND AUTO-UNLOCK: Let Sesame welcome you back by auto-unlocking the door, and keep you safe by auto-locking the door behind you.
INSTALLS IN SECONDS: Simply install Sesame over your existing deadbolt lock and suddenly you have a smart lock. No tools, no handyman, no hassle.


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