SelfEco Compostable Self-Feeding Seed-Starting Garden Pots – 4″ Round – 6 Pack

Posted on Apr 16 2017 - 2:30pm by gadgeta




Did you know that we put an estimated 200,000,000 pounds of plastic garden pots into the landfill every year?! Plastic pots are a HUGE waste problem. They pile up in our gardens, in our trash bins, and ultimately end up in our landfills. That’s why we created the SelfEco Garden Pot. The first compostable, self-feeding, seed-starting pots made from plants. The SelfEco Garden Pot contains natural plant food and nutrients built into the walls of the pot. After you plant the pot + plant into the ground, the pot breaks down and supplies natural nutrients and proteins to the roots and aids in plant growth.

Landfill-Free: Plant entire pot! No leftover pots awaiting to be put in our landfills.
Self-Feeding: Eco-enriched plant food built into the pot’s walls, for a constant source of nutrition
Safe for Waterways: No fertilizer needed! No harmful fertilizer runoff into our waterways.
Petroleum-Free: No longer required to drill for oil to make plastic products.
More Food Yield: Tests show faster growth, bigger growth, and more fruit per plant.



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