Revolar Personal Safety Wearable | 3 Customizable Alert Levels, Optional Location-Sharing, No Ongoing Fees

Posted on Feb 19 2017 - 2:17pm by gadgeta



Feeling great starts with feeling safe — that’s why Revolar personal safety wearables were created to be the fastest way to get help in an emergency. Add up to 5 contacts in the free Revolar app, and clip your wearable safety device beneath your clothes or on your keychain. Any time you need to get in touch, press this discreet personal alarm button to alert loved ones and send them your live location information via text with a customizable message.

The Revolar wearable connects to your compatible smartphone through Bluetooth low energy technology, so you can send for help fast when you can’t reach your phone. One click can send a quick, “I’m Home” message or three clicks could act as panic button functionality that sends, “Please Send Help.” The message — and who receives it — is up to you. Revolar wearables alert family and friends who can contact emergency services on the user’s behalf if needed.

Revolar is perfect for: School, Work, Travel, Running, Dating, Health, Commuting, Staying Independent

3 Customizable Alerts e.g.: check in, “call me” alert, “panic button” alert
Connects to iOS and Android smartphones at home and abroad
No ongoing fees or subscriptions
Easy-to-replace battery powers the wearable for up to 1 year
You control when and with whom your GPS location is shared during alerts


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