Pure Fix Rubber Bike Handlebar Grips, Yellow

Posted on Mar 23 2019 - 1:39am by gadgeta



These comfortable Pure Fix rubber handlebar grips that absorb road shock come in a variety of colors. They fit standard 24mm bike handlebars, and the cushioned, ergonomic triangular pattern provides a comfortable and stable grip. Celebrating bicycling for all that it offers, Pure Cycles, built to live, ride, and thrive right where you do offers a variety of frame, geometry, and gearing options as well as a cornucopia of compatible accessories, including different styles of handlebars, saddles, water bottle cages, foot straps, and more.Soft rubber shock-resistant bicycle handlebar grips help absorb road shock for a comfortable ride
Ergonomic triangular pattern with cushion provide a comfortable and stable grip
Fits standard 24 mm bike handlebars; ideal for classic fixed gear, freestyle, and urban bikes
131 mm in length
Weighs 104 grams


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