Pure Fix Bicycle Pedals with Cages and Straps, Black

Posted on Feb 7 2019 - 12:06am by gadgeta



These heavy-duty caged pedals fit all Pure Fix Fixie Fixed Gear bikes. The pedals allow for applied force in a downward and upward motion, enhancing overall output and efficiency. If you want to get even more out of your ride, these are definitely the way to go. Celebrating bicycling for all that it offers, Pure Cycles, built to live, ride, and thrive right where you do offers a variety of frame, geometry, and gearing options as well as a cornucopia of compatible accessories, including different styles of handlebars, saddles, water bottle cages, foot straps, and more.9/16 inch axle
Heavy-duty plastic caged pedals fit all standard Pure Fix fixie bikes
Pure Fix Cycles wing logo etched on pedal
Pedals allow you to apply force in a downward and upward motion, enhancing pedal stroke efficiency
Reflectors included and pre-installed


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