PittMoss Performance PE1C 1 Cubic Foot Organic Potting Mix (Use Like Garden Soil)

Posted on Nov 26 2017 - 3:32pm by gadgeta



PittMoss® Perfomance Organic Potting Soil – 1 cubic Foot Bag

PittMoss® Performance is an engineered fiber that is the most revolutionary advancement to happen to the gardening and horticultural industry in many decades.

Unlike other soil ammendments PittMoss® products are made and manufactured in the U.S.A

Made from organic, recycled natural cellulosic fibers with added nutrients and mineral ingredients.Waste cellulosic materials that are normally landfilled are upcycled into this valuable potting mix

Use PittMoss® Performance like traditional potting soil. It contains sufficient nutrition to start your plants.Using PittMoss® Performance instead of traditional potting mix that contains peat moss can help reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released during the mining of peat bogs. Peat bogs trap about 30% of our planet’s C02.

Unlike Any Gardening Mix Available. Made from organic, recycled natural materials with nutrients to optimize performance.
Patented engineered fibers increase water and nutrient retention in the soil, reduce water-logging.
Increases aeration and the ability of the soil to “breathe”, while reducing run-off.
Encourages vigorous biological growth in the soil and on plant roots. Plants love to grow in PittMoss!
Extends the time between water applications, make sure you do not over-water.


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