pHin Water Monitor for Pools and Hot Tubs, HPR1710 (DISCONTINUED)

Posted on Nov 24 2019 - 4:35am by gadgeta



pHin, the smart water care solution, is reinventing pool and hot tub care with a WiFi-enabled smart monitor and a mobile phone app to take away the guesswork. pHin monitors your water chemistry and temperature 24/7, and notifies your smartphone when you need to take action. Then, it gives you recommendations on how to balance your water so you can add only the exact chemicals needed. Depending on the chemicals you use, pHin will even provide you with specific dosing recommendations. You can view the list of chemicals pHin gives you specific recommendations for at our website. The pHin Mobile App also provides one-touch, on-demand access to a network of pre-qualified pool service technicians. No more guesswork, no more over-chemicalized water; just Monitory, Notify, Add! If you like using the pHin check out other products from Lonza. Lonza water treatment brands include HTH, Leisure Time, Applied Biochemist, GLB, Brilliance, and PooLife.Flexible: works with chlorine, salt and bromine pools and hot tubs
Easy: works with any chemical Brand.
Remote monitoring: check your water at any time from anywhere.
Alerts and advice: get customized and timely iOS and Android notifications.
Always there for you: Measures pH, chlorine, bromine and temperature 24/7. Also tests for total alkalinity, total hardness and Cyanuric acid, as needed.
Includes 1-Year monitoring app service: continue your monitoring subscription for $99/Year thereafter
Replaced By new and improved Model


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