Omnicharge Omni 20 USB-C – High powered 60W USB-C Power Bank – Battery Pack for Laptops, Phones, More

Posted on Jul 19 2018 - 2:42pm by gadgeta



POWERBANK 20K MAH 2 USBC PD 2 USBA NBSuperior Power: The first high powered dual USB-C power bank, capable of outputting up to 60W to charge your laptops, phones & more.
Hub Mode: Hub mode allows you to connect several USB-A and USB-C devices into one USB-C port, allowing you to transfer files and connect external peripherals to a single USB-C port on your laptop.
High Capacity: Equipped with Fast charging USB Ports, 60W USB-C Outlets, and a high quality 20,100 mAh battery, the Omni 20 USB-C will keep you powered anywhere and meets FAA safety guidelines for air travel.
Real-time data: With its detailed OLED display you can monitor the battery level, temperature, input/output power and remaining time, as well as access multiple innovative features through the interactive menu.
Warranty: The Omni 20 USB-C comes with a 1-year limited warranty and lifetime customer support. The Omni 20 USB-C includes a USB-C charging cable, AC wall charger not included


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