Navdy – Augmented Reality GPS Navigation System Raised Mount Kit (Medium & Tall Mount)

Posted on Jul 7 2017 - 12:23pm by gadgeta



Navdy advanced augmented reality display projects the information you need as a transparent image over the road ahead. In cars with lower dashboards, or where a driver’s height is a factor, taller mounts may be necessary to obtain the correct viewing position. That’s where the Navdy mount kit comes in, providing everything you need to deliver a next generation driving experience.Raised Mount Kit elevates Navdy in vehicles where the standard (short) dashboard mount is too low.
Drivers choose a medium or tall mount to ensure images project directly over the road ahead, no matter your height.
Provides optimal viewing height for vehicles with a lower dashboard to help you stay connected while driving with maps, calls, messages, music.
Advanced augmented reality display combined with your Mount Kit offers everything you need for a next generation driving experience.
Includes a medium mount, tall mount, suction base, suction base disc and dash cleaning towelettes for a more customized fit.


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