Nanoleaf 1800WL120 360 LED 12W Exclusive 1800 Lumen Light Bulb with Leaf, White

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 4:33pm by gadgeta




The World’s Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb. Using only 10 watts of electricity, the Nanoleaf bulb generates over 1200 lumens, equivalent to a 75W incandescent lightbulb. There are plenty of 20-60W Equivalent LED light bulbs in the market today, but the selection for 75-100W equivalents is still quite rare. To most light bulb manufacturers high efficiency and cost effective light bulb production is still uncharted territory. The Nanoleaf takes energy efficient lighting to a whole new level by offering a lightbulb far more efficient than any existing LED bulb. It is a true breakthrough for LED Lighting technology.Nanoleaf 12W Energy Saving household light can replace your 100-W Incandescent bulb saving you up to 370 in electricity (based on 14cents/kWhr)
True Omni-directional light output – The NanoLeaf’s unique shape is one of the only truly omni-directional light bulbs on the market
Over-Temperature Protection – Never overheats and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures
Mercury-free and lead-free construction
3500K Warm White color temperature provides comfortable lighting for your home or office



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