Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball Vacuum cCleaner

Posted on Mar 23 2015 - 6:49am by gadgeta

Like Having A Tribble With a Mind of its Own.

mocoro 1

The Mocoro Robotic Fur Ball rolls around your floors, cleaning as it goes.  With a built in timer to shut it off after 15 minutes, you can easily get it going again with just a little nudge.


Mocoro Automatically Changes Direction!

Mocoro changes directions when it hits an obstacle, taking off for its newest cleaning run.  It rolls around, under and through minor obstructions to clean those hard to reach places.  Just set this microfiber furball on the floor, hardwood floors work best, and it automatically rolls around cleaning up your disgustingly dusty home for up to 3 hours. No bags need to be replaced or canisters need to be emptied, just use the special brush that’s included to clean or just remove the mop and wash.



Easy to Clean

Just brush off dust with the included tool or wash in the sink and dry when it becomes too dirty.

mocoro4  mocoro3

Your Cat Has a New Playtoy

Did we mention that it’s a great cat toy too?  Come home to tired pets and clean floors with Mocoro.


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