Mighty Mug Double Old Fashioned / Stemless Wine Glass, 2 Pack ,The Barware That WonÕt Fall, Made of Unbreakable Tritan Plastic, 15 oz

Posted on Mar 31 2017 - 12:52pm by gadgeta



How many times have you been relaxing with a drink when suddenly it gets knocked over? Not so relaxing! ItÕs even worse when the spill is red wine on your carpet, craft brew on the laptop, or good old fashioned whiskey on your pants. Well, Mighty Mug has put a stop to the madness. Move aside old-fashioned drinkware! Able to withstand knocks from 360 degrees, Mighty Mug will not topple over if bumped into, but lifts up naturally when you go in for a sip. Unlike regular cups that fall and ruin everything around you, Mighty Mug has been designed and engineered to prevent spills and provide the best possible drinking experience. Whether youÕre on-the-go, working at your desk, or drinking with friends, Mighty Mug has the perfect drinkware to suit your lifestyle Running out of gift ideas? This travel mug is the most innovative water bottle on the market! Featured in a variety of colors and styles, Mighty Mug is the only brand of coffee cup that utilizes Smartgrip technology. This feature prevents your drink from tipping over when knocked into, but allows the mug to lift naturally when you reach for a sip. Smartgrip is not a suction and will never wear out. Finally no more spills! This Mighty Mug is great for entertaining at home and will stand firm even on boats, train and planes. You can use it for adult beverages or any cold beverage of your liking. Mighty Mug Barware is dishwasher safe and BPA-free. After a successful Kickstarter campaign, Mighty Mug has been featured in hundreds of media publications such as Good Housekeeping, The Verge, Newsday, CBS, The Meredith Vieira Show, ABC, Unbox New York Times and more. About: Developed by a team of mechanical engineers and designers who spent 3 years perfecting Mighty Mug and it’s patented Smartgrip technology. When placed down Mighty Mug creates a powerful airlock which allows it to effectively grip when knocked into. Once you go in for a sip the airlock is instantly released.WonÕt fall over when when bumped into, but lifts 100% naturally. Smartgrip function never wears out and is guaranteed to work on any smooth, flat surface (i.e. your home or boat table)
Entertain with no worries of spills ruining your clothes, furniture and carpet.
Avoid ruining important documents and sip around your electronics worry-free
Grips firmly on boats, trains and planes. Great for all cold drinks.


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