Masontops Bean Screen Plastic Mason Jar Sprouting Lids for Wide Mouth Mason Jars – Grow Bean Sprouts, Alfalfa, Salad Sprouts and More – 2 Pack

Posted on Jan 21 2019 - 8:19pm by gadgeta




The Masontops Bean Screen screws onto the mouth of wide mouth Mason jars and is used for every step of the sprout growing process, from rinsing, draining to growing. The Bean Screen is the easiest and safest way to grow your own sprouts and has a unique design with simple features. RICH IN VITAMINS – Reap the nutritional benefits of vegetables in smaller, more concentrated forms by eating sprouts. Sprouts are loaded with fibre, vitamins and iron and have a refreshing earthy taste. Add sprouts to your salads and sandwiches to super-boost their nutritional properties. SAFE GROWING – Store bought sprouts are subject to bacteria and many shoppers are wary of this safety risk. Growing your own sprouts is the best way to ensure they’re safe. The Bean Screen streamlines the process of growing sprouts for safe and healthy results. RINSE – The Bean Screen features an inverted spout for splash-free rinsing. Once your seeds and Bean Screen are added to your Mason jar, you can rinse your seeds and sprouts right through the lid. DRAIN – Proper drainage is an important safety step in the sprout growing process. The Bean Screen has unique pegs that allow you to leave the Mason jar upside down to maximize water drainage. GROW – Flat sides on the Bean Screen create an anti-roll design so your jar can be left on it’s side for optimal airflow and growing. Air travels easily through the Bean Screen, while insects are kept out.★INCLUDES 2 SPROUTING LIDS – (1x Blue and 1x Green) – FITS ANY SIZE OF WIDE MOUTH MASON JAR, Including Ball, Kerr and Bernardin
★RINSE, DRAIN, GROW, REPEAT – Grow Safe, Healthy and Delicious Sprouts on Your Kitchen Counter in Wide Mouth Mason Jars
★ONE-SIZE FITS ALL SPROUT MAKER – Grow ANY Type of Spout with Seeds of Any Size, Including Alfalfa, Broccoli Sprouts, Salad Sprouts, and More, with the Bean Screen
★MAXIMUM AIRFLOW & DRAINAGE – Faceted Sides Prevent the Jar from Rolling off Counters, Plastic Pegs Improve Water Drainage to Prevent Bacteria Growth, and an Inverted Spout Provides Splash-Free Rinsing. Stays On for Every Step of the Sprout Growing Process-Even Rinsing and Draining!
★BPA-FREE FOOD-SAFE – Made of Food Safe BPA-Free Plastic with Silicone Gaskets for a Secure Seal



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