Make Lemonade Rechargeable Mosquito Bug Zapper | Handheld SWATTER with Base Indoor/Outdoor USE

Posted on Jan 11 2020 - 9:11am by gadgeta



The Make Lemonade Mosquito Zapper swats, attracts and eliminates pesky mosquitoes, fruit flies, and more. The rechargeable battery makes zapping portable and practical for kitchens, camping, BBQ’s, pool areas or any other space you need insect control. Use the handheld swatter for quick slays, or the complete base unit for overnight coverage.KILLER COMBO: Banish mosquito’s, gnats and other small insects’ day and night. Removable handheld swatter for portability and immediate protection. Base unit attracts bugs to the UV light, automatically emitted by photoelectric sensor when dark. Swatter must be locked in base and plugged in to work
PORTABLE PROTECTION: Intended for indoor/outdoor use, make picnics, patios and lake days more comfortable. Lightweight, slim design compliments any backyard with killer style. Splash proof and easy to clean (not intended for inclement weather)
SWAT SAFELY: Reduce the need for toxic sprays and repellents, while managing your pest problem. The swatters red indicator light signifies power by pressing and holding button to ensure safe handling. Keep away from children and animals
RECHARGEABLE: Up to 5 hrs. of swat time or all-night base coverage with Micro-USB charging. Indicator light holds red when charging, green once charged. (unit must be plugged in for base use)
WHAT’S IN THE BOX: (1) Make Lemonade Mosquito Zapper, (1) Micro-USB adapter, 450 Volts of Swatting Power, (1) 1-Year Warranty


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