Kuhn Rikon Specialty Paring Knife Colori, Bird’s Beak/Yellow, Mini Paring/Red, Curved Serrated/Green, Set of 3

Posted on Oct 13 2018 - 8:07pm by gadgeta



Kuhn Rikon specialty paring knives are sure to be your “go to” knives for decorative cutting, precise cutting, or slicing. Three small handy knives that are designed to make perfect cuts, be it julienne, chiffonade or decorated garnishes. Bird’s Beak Knife resembles a bird’s beak. The short, curved blade of this professional quality knife is great for creating intricate cuts from decorative garnishes and for prepping small, spherical fruits and vegetables. Mini Paring Knife for peeling fruits and veggies, slicing garlic cloves or a shallot, or to create more detailed cuttings including shapes or vents in dough. With a 3-inch blade, it is the right size for working with small fruits and vegetables such as apricots, limes, baby carrots and radishes. You can also devein shrimp, section citrus fruits, or hull strawberries. Curved Serrated Paring Knife makes quick work of small slicing and spreading tasks. Sharp enough to cut steaks and does a fantastic job with slicing tomatoes and other small fruits and vegetables. Sheep’s Foot blade has a straight edge and a straight dull back that curves towards the edge at the end, there is no sharp point, making it a safer knife to use. Because of the shape of a Sheep’s Foot knife, slicing is precise and quick, the straightness of the cut is defined by the straightness of the blade. chiffonade or decorated garnishes.Carbon steel blade
Super sharp, long lasting performance
Nonstick coated for easy release of food and easy clean up
Sheath to protects blade and fingers while in storage
Color coordinated sheath to protect blade and fingers while in storage


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