Knife Glider Kitchen Home Hand Finger Guard Protector Shield Chopping Cutting Slicing Peeling Multi Food Cooking Preparation Tool

Posted on Dec 16 2016 - 10:25am by gadgeta




Stop cutting, nicking, burning, and peeling; your fingers, hands, and nails with “The Knife Glider”, a revolutionary kitchen safety tool. Slice. . . Ouch!! Have you ever cut yourself while preparing food? Everyone I ask that question painfully says YES! Every year millions of people cut themselves while preparing food in the kitchen no matter what their experience level. We even see chefs on some of TVs most popular cooking shows routinely cut themselves while prepping food. Eliminate the chance of being cut PERIOD!! The Knife Glider’s sleek, simple, and effective design is a must have for every kitchen!

Shields your hands as you cut and chop
Meat attachment allows you to hold and cut hot meat fresh off the grill or out the oven without getting burned
Peeling attachment allows you to hold and peel fruit and vegetables without accidentally nicking your fingers or nails
It’s clear and innovative design makes it an attractive addition to your kitchen arsenal
Made of copolyester that is virtually indestructible



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