KETCL – Outdoor Tech OT0552 Rugged Wireless Exoskeleton, Wick-Fit Beanie, K-Roo Pouch Helmet Audio kit, Multi

Posted on Oct 25 2018 - 9:56pm by gadgeta



This is the chips ecosystem, the do it all helmet audio kit. Enjoy all the Features the chips 2.0 have to offer in an array of different activities. Whether you ski, snowboard, run, skate, bike, or just like to hang out, the chips ecosystem has you covered. Equipped with the chips 2.0 wireless helmet audio + walkie-talkie system, the exoskeleton headphone frame to house the chips 2.0, the wickfit beanie, and the k-roo puch universal v-strap helmet ear pads. This kit checks all the boxes.Chips 2.0 headphones equipped with walkie talkie feature and hi-fi sound
Exo skeleton frame allows for chips 2.0 to be inserted for easy listening
K-roo helmet pouch compatible with almost every helmet
Wick-fit beanie with reflective Logo, Wicking mesh material, and Audio jack slip
Wireless, rugged, water resistant


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