Jay Leno’s Garage Premium Car Shampoo Vehicle Wash – 16oz

Posted on Apr 20 2019 - 12:04am by gadgeta




Jay Leno’s Garage Premium Car Shampoo Vehicle Wash is a premium wash shampoo that is super-concentrated and ph-neutral. Designed to gently lift away dirt and contaminants from your vehicle’s finish to help prevent scratching or marring. Formulated to provide maximum lubricity and cleaning power.After 25 years of using practically every product for vehicle care in the Jay Leno Garage, we have perfected our own formulations to help not only us, but YOU, achieve show-winning results.
Not all car care is created equal. We spared no expense in using only the finest ingredients in the best ratios to come up with premium solutions that out-perform anything else available today. And all without the upscale price.
Choosing a quality vehicle wash is the first step to preventing scratching or marring of your vehicle’s finish. Jay Leno’s formula provides Ultimate paint protection with Neutral pH-balance and Maximum lubricity to prevent scratching or marring the paint and clear coat.
This product is super-concentrated so it can be customized to your cleaning purposes and can be used in tools such as foam cannons. Just mix with water to create the right ratio for your cleaning task.
Made in the USA: All of our ingredients are proudly made and bottled in the USA.



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