Jambanz – Wearable Portable Bluetooth Wireless Slapband Speaker

Posted on Mar 22 2015 - 7:22am by gadgeta

Let Your Kids Connect and Share Their Music with the Jambanz™


Jambanz™ is the world’s first Bluetooth “slapband” speaker – combining the fun of a wearable wrist slapband with a wireless rechargable audio speaker. Designed for kids of all ages, Jambanz™ features colorful silicone slapbands in various colors and graphic designs, housing an interchangeable Bluetooth speaker unit that can be moved from band to band for collectability and mix-and-match fun.


  • JambanzTM encourages kids to safely enjoy their music and express themselves by sharing their music with friends!
  • JambanzTM uses bluetooth audio, freeing your music from your iPod Touch, mobile phone or tablet
  • You can wear your music on your arm, or “slap” it on a bicycle, scooter, bedpost, desk lamp, or musical instrument.
  • JambanzTM is designed to be easy to charge and play, with spoken audio prompts (instead of beeps) to help in charging and device synching.
  • JambanzTM can be worn during exercise by adults and kids.


Wear your music

With a quick slap, Jambanz™ silicone slapbands attach to your wrist so you can share your style in music and fashion!


One size fits all

From friend to friend and from sister to brother and from mom to dad—the Jambanz slapband fits all wrists. Or “slap” it on a bicycle, scooter, bedpost, desk lamp, or musical instrument. Jambanz goes everywhere!

Mix and match

The Bluetooth speaker can be swapped from band to band for mix-and-match fun. Make your own design. Then change it tomorrow. It’s a new Jambanz everyday!



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