Iron Armour Glove, Size Medium

Posted on Feb 27 2018 - 5:54pm by gadgeta



This innovative and heat resistant glove was created with top stylists in mind by a stylist with more than 30 years of experience! Prevent burns and significantly decrease your smoothing treatment and general heat styling time with this unique design. The Iron Armour Glove is the only styling glove on the market to feature an attachable comb. This comb helps maintain tension on the hair for straightening and smoothing treatments while also allowing stylists to use both horizontal as well as vertical parts while using a follow through technique with a flat iron. Made from a special blend of meta-aramid fiber similar to those found in flame retardant racing suits, the Iron Armour Glove can withstand direct heat in excess of 450° F without transferring that heat to your skin. The Iron Armour Glove was specifically designed to withstand the demands of professional use by protecting you from the heat generated by swipe after swipe in heat styling treatments. With our lightweight material, and versatile heat resistant thermoplastic comb design alongside an open pinky, you will maintain the dexterity and versatility you demand when styling hair.

Heat resistant to over 400 degrees
Attachable a-symmetrical comb
Comb attachment on multiple fingers
Open pinky for easy parting
Ambidextrous design


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