Invroheat – Decorative Wall Hanging Infrared Space Heater/Portable Heater 430W Perfect for Home or Office – Mountain Lake Design

Posted on Dec 2 2019 - 4:16am by gadgeta




The Invroheat Decorative Wall Hanging Space Heater will keep you warm while adding a decorative touch to the room, and saving over 50% on your electrical bill! Our heaters are perfect for offices, baby’s & kid’s rooms, dorm rooms, garages, attics, and all other areas that need heating.Breathtaking vistas of a glistening lake hidden in majestic forest mountains will bring a peaceful feeling and comfort to your home. Replace unsightly floor heaters with our decorative wall hanging space heater that uses new patented Infrared Technology.
HIGHLY EFFICIENT: Our Infrared Heater is Cost Effective, Energy Efficient, and Eco-Friendly. It saves over 50% on electricity cost compared to conventional space heaters. Healthy Infrared Heat – retains moisture in the air unlike conventional heaters. Our heaters support healthy breathing and may help reduce allergy and asthma symptoms.
EXTREMELY SAFE: Our space heater includes auto safety shut-off to prevent overheating. It is safe to the touch and will not burn. No more tripping over dangerous space heater wires. Safe for children and pets.
COMPACT & PORTABLE: Invroheat’s space Heater rolls up for easy carrying and storage. It’s completely silent (no fan) – ideal for all rooms, including offices, bedrooms, and babies’ rooms. EASY TO USE: No assembly required simply hang on a wall and plug it in. It takes only 30 seconds to start warming your room. Easy to use on/off switch.
SPECS: Picture Size: 40″ x 22″; Weight: 2.5 lb Capacity: Heats 10ft x 10ft room Wattage: 430W Use suggestions: Do not use inside bathroom. Do not hang on windows.



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