iMagnet Cradle-less Phone Mount

Posted on Mar 6 2015 - 9:39am by gadgeta

Effortless Phone Holder – Fastest Way to Mount and Release your Phone in Your Car!

The iMagnet Mount for Smartphones is a Universal Phone Mount that makes phone mounting effortless.  You can place the included metal strip on either the inside or outside of your phone case, dependent on the thinness of the case.


Strong Magnetic Hold – No Effect to Your Phone.

Works with a phone of any size and is compatible with most smartphones, including iPhone 6 and 6 Plus (6+). The iMagnet Mount suction cup can mount on most textured surfaces such as dashboards for maximum visibility. Simple and seamless, just hover your smartphone near iMagnet and feel it mount itself from your hand. This smartphone holder comes with a patented high-resilience sticky-gel silicone suction cup that can safely secure itself on most surfaces that other suction cups fail on, making this mount twice as powerful as any other mounts available.



Cradle-less and without any brackets, your smartphone becomes entirely free of any limitations or obstructions that ordinary mounts give. Position your device at the perfect angle with the precise 360 degree rotation and a 90 degree adjustable swivel, and quickly change from upright position to landscape view. Easy installation, simply insert the metallic plate in between the case and smartphone, and you’re ready to go! Use it as a car mount, office phone stand, kitchen display, airplane device viewer – the possibilities are endless with this astonishing and versatile magnetic mount! Note: this iMagnet Mount is safe to use and fully compatible with your device, as the magnetic components pose no threat of scrambling interior electronics. Product offers 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.

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  • Quality rubber gripping maximizes friction to reduce slippage, minimizes road vibrations, and allows smooth interaction when gesturing or tapping your phone.
  • Patented sticky-gel suction cup with a multi-layer gel coating mounts on any non-porous textured surfaces like dashboards and windshields.
  • Built with high-grade plastics to exacting standards that make it durable and long lasting. Comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Precision engineered, quad-centric industrial magnets for seamless mounting performance for a phone of any size, (i.e., from a small Blackberry to a large phablet).

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