GRIPTIPZ: Grey – Ergonomic, Customizable Grips for iPad, Surface, Nook, Kindle and Large Format Phones

Posted on Feb 13 2018 - 12:58pm by gadgeta



Do your hands slip or cramp when holding your tablet, phone, camera, water bottle? Griptipz help keep your products from slipping out of your hand or off a table and give your fingers a place to pull against for a safer, more comfortable and natural hold. Get creative – there are tons of uses! A single Griptipz package includes enough product to protect two devices or a full gaming console!COMFORTABLE, CUSTOMIZABLE GRIP for holding, texting, gaming, reading
REDUCE HAND CRAMPING – Customizable, patented ergonomic grip system provides a natural, relaxed way to hold large devices
WORKS GREAT ON – iPad, Nook, Kindle, Surface, large phones, camera’s, water bottles, anywhere you need to get a better grip!
300% GREATER GRIP – Peel and stick exactly where you want to get a better grip
STOP SLIPPING ON SLICK SURFACES – Soft rubberized bumpers stop movement on slick surfaces


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