Go Outfitters | Go Hammock | 11′ Feet Long, Ultra-Comfortable Hammock with Exclusive Fabric Tensioner System

Posted on Jan 17 2019 - 8:58pm by gadgeta




TREE STRAPS ARE SOLD SEPARATELY. The GO! Hammock eliminates uncomfortable pressure points by distributing the user’s body weight more evenly than traditional hammocks. Its generous size allows freedom to move around and makes it easy find a comfortable position. In order to reduce the curved body position that’s associated with hammocks, experts recommend lying at a diagonal angle. To enable users to lie even flatter, we made the GO! Hammock extra long and wide. With a length of 11 feet, it’s much longer than most hammocks, this extra length helps flatten out the body position dramatically! At 70″ wide, one can lie at an even greater angle in the hammock, flattening the body position even more! Fabric Tensioners: The GO! Hammock is the first hammock in the world with our new Fabric Tensioners! Large hammocks can sometimes have annoying loose fabric on the sides. To eliminate this problem, we designed removable fabric tensioners that pull the loose fabric out of the way. The tensioners make folds in the fabric, giving the hammock its unique shape. Order now! Specifications: Hammock Weight: 17 oz. Size: 132″ Length X 70″ Width. Rope Loops and Carabiners (pair): Weight 6 oz. Material: 70D Breathable Parachute Nylon.Amazingly Comfortable. Designed for Napping, Sleeping and Relaxing
Exclusive Fabric Tensioning System manages loose fabric and creates a unique hammock shape
Storage stuff sack doubles as a pocket while enjoying your hammock
Made of Heavy Duty 70D Nylon by Skilled Craftsmen



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