GearBrake (GB-1) Smart Brake Light Module – Universal

Posted on Feb 1 2017 - 9:51am by gadgeta



GearBrake knows when you engine brake and flashes the brake light briefly to let drivers know you’re slowing. It uses an internal accelerometer that’s calibrated to only activate under rapid deceleration. When you use your brakes, GearBrake also flashes your brake light for 2 seconds and then goes to solid for as long as you hold the brake. Module is not compatible with HD Breakout, HD Slim, 2014-2015 HD Street Glide and CANBUS vehicles such as newer BMW and Ducati bikes.

New safety technology designed to reduce rear end collisions!
GearBrake detects when you decelerate even in instances of downshifting and engine braking where the brake is not applied, automatically lighting your taillight with a flashing alert!
Max Current: 10 amps
Voltage: 12V DC
Limited lifetime warranty


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