FOBO Bike Black

Posted on Oct 10 2015 - 11:58am by gadgeta

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FOBO Bike is the World’s First all Bluetooth Smart Tire Pressure Monitoring System for 2, 3 and 4 wheelers. It is designed to promote road safety through the only contact points of the vehicles to the road surface – the tires. Optimum tire pressure ensures optimal road holding and vehicle performance, effective braking distance, longer tire tread life and better fuel efficiency. FOBO brand is an acronym for For Our Better wOrld. Our vision is to design products that embrace new technologies to enhance human living and preserve the environment.

Monitor bike tire pressure 24 x 7 via Smart Phone App, up to 19 wheels in one App
Protect bike rider from risky deflated tires
Allows riders who borrow the bike to use the product on their phones

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