Flow Official Hive– Our Largest Wooden 7 Frame or 10 Langstroth Style Frame Bee Hive House- Patented Technology for Honey on Tap- Beginner & Expert Beekeepers – Free BEE Veil HAT Included

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EASILY EXTRACT HONEY WITHOUT HARMING BEES: The Original Flow Hive was developed out of the desire to help Bee Keepers easily extract honey from hives without harming bees. Our easy flow process reduces the chances of getting stung (we still recommend a bee suit) and makes the process a lot easier for the Bees and the Beekeeper. Simply insert the flow key into the frame and turn it 90 degrees to allow honey to effortlessly flow from the hive into your honey jar to enjoy pure honey in minutes!
THE ORIGINAL PATENTED FLOW HIVE TECHNOLOGY: Our founders created the Flow Hive technology after over a decade of research and prototypes and we are the Original Flow Hive Company. Our Flow Hives have been perfected down to a science and our Flow Hive is the number one and only legal Flow Hive in the United States. Get Flow Hives so that you have the assurance of quality from the original creators of this amazing technology.
SUITABLE FOR BEGINNER & EXPERIENCED BEEKEPPERS: Flow Hives are perfect for beginner and expert bee keepers alike. Bee Keeping is an art and knowledge of how to properly care or bees is still needed, but the Flow system makes collecting honey fun and easy for beginning and advanced bee keepers. Flow Hives make the art of Beekeeping and collecting honey stress free and enjoyable.
LARGEST & HIGHEST QUALITY FLOW HIVE ON THE MARKET: This is our largest Flow Hive and it will fit 7 flow frames or 10 Langstroth Style Frames. Flow Hives are made in the USA and Australia with high quality BPA & BPS free food grade plastic so that bees will stay healthy and their honey will be pure and toxin free. We use premium Australian Araucaria Wood to construct this sturdy and durable Bee Hive. It also has a super flow integrated pest management screened bottom board and observation windows
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: We invented the Flow Hive Technology so we know that our hives are the best and highest quality Flow Hives on the market, and we know that you will love yours! Once you purchase your Flow Hive, you will be invited to our exclusive Flow Community where we have a swarm of resources to help you on your Beekeeping Journey. In addition to Bee Keeping support, we are including a FREE Flow Bee Veil Hat with the purchase of this Flow Hive to welcome you to our community


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