Ð Durable Ð Garden Hose Repair Adaptor Kit Ð Easy Design Allows Users to Fix Broken Garden Hoses Ð Utilizes Quick-Connect System- Set of 4

Posted on Oct 1 2018 - 7:42pm by gadgeta



Have a broken hose? DonÕt waste the time, energy, and money getting a brand new garden hose. The simple yet reliable product is an excellent alternative to wasting money on a new garden hose. The instructions are simple: First, if your hose is broken simply cut off the broken end so that the hose has a crisp and flat ending. Next, slide the metal ring on to the cut end of the garden hose. Once the metal ring is placed on the garden hose, the user simply screws in the plastic part of the piece and the product functions just like the normal end of a garden hose. Plus the attachment has the standard quick connect system installed allowing users to connect garden tools, sprayers, and sprinklers to the attachment. TEST4Broken Hose? Ð Save Money by buying this product Ð Hose Repair Quick Connect is a durable alternative to wasting money on a brand new garden hose
Simple design allows users to fix a broken hose in a matter of minutes
Made with strong durable polymer/ metal material Ð Long Lasting Product
No leaks Ð The simple design allows the user to tighten the metal compression nut on the hose to ensure no leaks from the hose
Quick-Connect Ð The Quick Connect System allows users to connect most garden tools, sprayers, sprinklers, and more


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