Currant Smart Outlet with Energy Monitoring

Posted on Nov 6 2018 - 6:38pm by gadgeta




The Currant Smart Outlet and Energy Monitor helps you quickly discover precisely how much energy each of your appliances uses. Learn how much it costs you to use each electronic device, identify the “energy hogs” in your home or apartment, and use the intuitive scheduling and rules to automatically control each outlet and crank down your electric bill.

Dual controlled and monitored electrical outlets
120V, 15A Handles almost any refrigerator, garbage disposal, washing machine or other 120V appliance
Unique flip-able design – plugs into almost any outlet without blocking others; two can be installed side by side
Easy to set up – configure any device in five seconds or less
Easy to use – Visual wizards guide you through each step
Easy to understand – everything is displayed visually
Highly precise energy monitoring Each unit individually calibrated by our technicians using extremely precise European lab equipment
Track energy usage by room (e.g. living room), zone (e.g. entertainment center), or any other group
View energy usage by day, month or year for any or all appliances
Improve your buying decisions – usage charts graphically show you how much power some devices really use
Requires iPhone 5S or later running iOS 10 or newerInstantly discover which devices consume the most electricity in your home.
Create schedules and rules to control your lights, appliances, and electronics, and save on energy costs.
Plug in two devices at once and control each independently.
Highest safety ratings of any smart outlet. (1800W / 120V / 15A)
Quick and easy set up with our intuitive iPhone app.



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