Catalyst (RPG)

Posted on Sep 19 2017 - 1:10pm by gadgeta

Catalyst (RPG)



Our world is crumbling. Demon armies have marched through their horrid portals on a genocidal campaign, bringing with them not only violence, but crippling plague. Fate gave us control over the mysterious magic fueling the demon troops; those of us left may yet survive. Humanity needs a catalyst to change their course in this war. They need you.Unique card-based combat system gives players tense, fast-paced action
Catalyst’s modern urban fantasy setting lets you set stories in your hometown, favorite bar, or nati
Classless character creation lets you make the perfect post-apocalyptic avatar
The companion mobile app mitigates the learning curve for new players, letting them jump right into
Game box set includes 270-page survival manual and 142 action cards


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