Caavo Control Center Voice Control Universal Remote & Home Theater Hub 4K HDR HDMI Switch Compatible w/Apple TV Fire TV Roku Nvidia Shield Sonos Sound Bars AVR Xbox Playstation Google Voice Alexa

Posted on Apr 27 2019 - 11:57pm by gadgeta



Caavo Universal TV Remote and Control Center Home Theater Hub make everything connected to the TV-including the remote control-easy for the whole family to use. Control Center is the first truly universal TV remote control for your entire home theater including: Live TV and DVR, streaming media players, game consoles, soundbars, Audio Video Receiver (AVR), DVD/Blu-Ray players and more. Connect up to 4 home theater devices-streaming media players, cable or satellite TV, DVD or Blu-Ray player, gaming console-plus a soundbar, AVR or sound system. Control Center automatically detects the devices in your home theater and walks you through set-up. With Control Center’s True Universal Search you can say the name of any actor, movie, TV show, or video and Control Center will display relevant results across live TV, streaming subscriptions, even YouTube. Caavo’s true universal search displays all available content options-paid and free. The entertainment hub that unites everything connected to your TV. No more multiple remotes. Simple to Setup & Use Works with Google Voice or Amazon Alexa No more multiple remotes. Control everything you have connected to your TV with one voice-activated remote. Play content, tune to channels, control volume and all other remote control functions through the universal voice-activated remote. Simple to Setup & Use Control Center is designed for the whole family to use. Set up is simple, just plug everything that’s connected to your TV into Control Center and it takes care of the rest. Using the remote is effortlessly simple-Just say what you want to watch and Control Center takes you there. Works with Google Voice or Amazon Alexa Control Center lets you control your TV hands-free using your smart home assistant. For Google Voice or Amazon Alexa supported services, use your voice to command Control Center to power on, search for TV shows and movies, control volume, play content and other remote control functions.ONE FAMILY FRIENDLY SMART REMOTE: Control Center is the first universal remote designed to simplify everything connected to the TV for everyone. Just say what you want to do or watch and Control Center’s sophisticated AI technology does the rest. Your father-in-law can find the game, the kids can play their movie and even the babysitter can search YouTube–all without your help. There’s even a find my remote feature so it’s easy to find. DOES NOT SUPPORT APPS ON SMART TVS
TRUE UNIVERSAL SEARCH & SUPPORT WITH THE CAAVO SERVICE PLAN: $1.99 MONTH AFTER 45-DAY FREE TRIAL. The Caavo Service Plan keeps your Control Center running smoothly, conducts seamless HDMI switching between connected devices, and allows for new and updated exclusive features around search, content, and powers True Universal Search to show viewing options across all your connected apps and services.
AUTO DETECTION AND EASY ON SCREEN SET UP of all your devices including TV, Cable, Satellite, Audio Video Receiver (AVR), Game Console, DVD, streaming device, over-the-air (OTA) tuners, or Blu-Ray and Control Center automatically detects each device and walks you through set-up. Control Center supports the latest in home theater technologies including 4K UHD, HDR and Dolby Atmos to provide a vivid picture and immersive sound.
RECOMMENDED FOR STREAMING DEVICE OWNERS: Connect up to 4 Home Theater and Streaming Devices, including Apple TV, Roku, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield, plus a Sound Bar, Audio Video Receiver (AVR), Game Console, Cable TV, Satellite, DVD or Blu-Ray and Control Center automatically detects each device and walks you through on-screen set-up. The more you connect to Control Center, the more value it delivers. Please note that the Caavo remote will only control cable input if connected through Control Center.
PAIRS WITH AMAZON ALEXA, GOOGLE VOICE AND ORIGINAL DEVICE REMOTES: Control Center works with Smart Home assistants to watch, search, switch sources and much more hands-free. Control Center is also the only universal remote with original device remote synergy so you can use any original remote, anytime. Pick and press a button on your Playstation or switch to any other original device remote and Control Center recognizes and responds to keep everything and everyone in perfect TV harmony.


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