Brush Hero Flow Pro Water-Saving Trigger Handle – For Use with Detailing Tools and Garden Hose Accessories – Water Conservation Device

Posted on Aug 10 2018 - 7:25pm by gadgeta



Amazing accessories for your garden hose. Designed for use with Brush Hero, Ultimate Detailing Tool, Flow Pro uses innovative yet simple design to further reduce the already stellar water-saving capabilities of Brush Hero. Use with soap or without. Try with Soap Star deluxe soap dispenser and 7-pattern sprayer. Use with Brush Hero to add scrub to your rinse and wash.

Because water use is a huge issue, Flow Pro enables you to maximize your use of H20 with masterful flow control. Pause between tasks to further reduce waste. Latch and lock trigger into place to secure your chosen flow. Brush Hero already uses 50% less water than the garden hose running idly. Flow Pro further reduces the water use.

As with Brush Hero and Soap Star, Flow Pro is made of premium materials that are resistant to rust and corrosion and are made to last. Lightweight and easy to use, Flow Pro is a great addition to your Brush Hero or any garden hose sprayer or accessory.

Boost your car wash with Brush Hero, add suds to your scrub with Soap Star and reduce water waste with Flow Pro. Use all three of these innovative products together to clean cars, bikes, grills, gutters, patio furniture, siding, screens, yard tools, pottery, toys, pets. Originally designed for expert level auto and bike detailing, Brush Hero (and accompanying accessories) is great for home and garden use as well as automotive.

SAVES WATER – Increases hose accessory’s conservation capability by greatly reducing flow.
USE WITH BRUSH HERO – Water conservation device is specially made for Brush Hero Detailing Tool.
PREMIUM MATERIALS – High-quality, durable rubber coated metal stands up to water and chemicals.
LATCH AND LOCK – Simple hook latch locks the flow trigger into place for continuous desired flow.
ERGONOMIC GRIP – Lightweight and easy to handle with non-slip grooved grip.


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