Blumoo Smart Control, turns iOS, Android, Apple Watch, Amazon Echo devices into Smart Universal Remote Controls

Posted on Sep 6 2016 - 9:40pm by gadgeta

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The small but mighty Blumoo turns your mobile devices into high-end remote controls allowing you to control all your equipment, find your shows, and stream your music all through the Blumoo Mobile App. Blumoo is super simple to setup. Simply place Blumoo in the room, plug it in, and download the app to get started. The mobile app has been designed to be super easy to navigate, yet fully customizable to do what you need.

Replaces your pile of remotes with any iOS or Android device – supports multiple users
Blumoo Mobile Application controls your equipment, finds your shows, and accesses your music all from one place
Customize for your family – add/remove buttons, create activities, set favorites
Compatible with the Amazon Echo to control all your equipment with your voice (e.g. “Alexa, tell Blumoo to Watch Movie”, “Go to channel 50”, “Turn off everything”) (Requires iOS device for setup)
Complete control for over 250,000 different brands and models of TV’s, set-top boxes, receivers, sound bars, DVD/Blu-ray, streaming players (Apple TV/Roku/etc.), and much more – database updated monthly
One Blumoo controls all the equipment in a room – add more Blumoo’ s to control additional rooms – easily switch between rooms within the Blumoo iOS and Android Mobile App

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