blu logic usa Drink Top Healthy Under Counter Water Filter System, 3 Stage

Posted on Mar 19 2017 - 12:20pm by gadgeta



Healthier, More Delicious Water Made Simple

When you combine our modern faucet design with our technologically advanced, commercial grade filters, the result is a superior drinking experience. While our NSF certified filters remove a wide-spectrum of contaminants like every other under-the-counter filtration systems, DrinkTop rises above in three important areas.

1. Commercial Grade Filters: We empower you with the same commercial grade filters we provide our corporate clients, like the New York Times.
2. Super Simple Swapping: In addition to our Easy-Twist technology, we’ve added the ability to pivot the filter pods on an entirely new axis, simplify swapping filters in the tightest spaces.
3. Style V Footprint: We’ve engineered our designer faucet to provide the maximum stylish design, while consuming the smallest footprint of required space, precipitating into the optimal balance of small and sleek.

High-flow: Faster flow rate to ensure you have clean delicious water whenever you want it
NSF certified: Provides wide-spectrum filtration to remove maximum contaminants
Long life: Extended life filters to provide your family with months of healthy great tasting water
Design: modern design faucet with superior build quality
Simple: Pivoting mounts make replacing easy-twist filters even more convenient


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