ATLAS Throttle Lock, a Motorcycle Cruise Control Throttle Assist

Posted on May 2 2017 - 12:01pm by gadgeta




The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle. It rotates with your throttle hand, is thumb activated and just over 1/4 inch thick. The ATLAS mounts between the throttle housing and rubber grip, taking up no grip space.

Using a combination of pressure and friction, the ATLAS will hold your throttle in place with the push of a button. Overriding the ATLAS is as easy as twisting the throttle to adjust speed.

The ATLAS bolts on in 2 minutes and requires no modifications for most motorcycles. It is made of heat treated, hardened stainless steel and held together with US Military grade rivets.

Once installed, the ATLAS moves with you when you twist your throttle. You have the freedom to set the button at just the right angle so you are never reaching for the button – it is always right where you expect it to be.

Each kit comes with two different sized clamp arms to accommodate different thicknesses of handlebars as well as three different sized friction pads to accommodate different thicknesses in the gap where the ATLAS mounts. The friction pads adhere to the stopper arm to apply friction to the throttle housing.

To activate the ATLAS, simply press the button in and the stopper arm presses out and applies friction. With the ATLAS engaged, it is still possible to adjust your speed by rotating the throttle. To disengage, press slightly in, then down toward the ground.

We are proud to say that every aspect of the ATLAS is sourced and made in the USA – including all the internal components.

The ATLAS works great in all conditions whether you are cruising across the desert in the heat of day or traveling over a mountain pass in below freezing temperatures. Rain, sun, snow, mud… nothing stops the ATLAS from helping you take control on your next long ride!

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle.
Can be overridden at any time by simply rotating the throttle while still engaged.
Thumb activated, single button operation in a safe, ergonomic position.
Simple installation that does not require the removal of hand guards or grips.
Made in the USA. 30 day money back guarantee*.



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