ATLAS Throttle Lock – A Motorcycle Cruise Control Throttle Assist, BOTTOM KIT

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The Best Motorcycle Cruise Control – Period
I’m sure you’re wondering how that’s possible. Here’s how: we designed the ATLAS for YOU, not just your motorcycle. Other options may seem nice on a dealer’s countertop, but are downright dangerous on the road. Stop twisting, flipping, and using awkward finger movements while hurtling down the road at 70mph.

For Those Who Ride
– Keep your ATLAS for your next bike. Our design works on nearly any motorcycle out there, which means, the ATLAS will be the last throttle lock you’ll ever buy.
– The ATLAS seamlessly engages and disengages without any change in speed. Simply press a button with your thumb and start cruising.
– Incremental changes in speed are easy with the ATLAS, just rotate your throttle while it’s engaged and it will maintain any speed you leave it at. Hills and wind may alter your speed — it’s called physics — and you’ve already been adjusting to these conditions the entire time you’ve been riding.
– Installation is simple and does not require you to remove anything from your motorcycle. Typical installation takes less than 10 minutes. No joke.
– The ATLAS is designed to stay out of your way yet be totally accessible when you want it. It mounts on the throttle tube between the grip flange and throttle housing. All that to say that the ATLAS doesn’t take up any grip space. Don’t let your set up crowd you out.
– The ATLAS works with all types of heated grips. I’ve heard it over and over again with other throttle locks, once your grips expands from the heat, other throttle locks bind and restrict free motion of the throttle. Not the ATLAS.

Which Kit Should You Use?
We offer the ATLAS in a Bottom Kit and a Top Kit. It’s the exact same design, just mirrored. To find which kit best fits your motorcycle, please look at our chart below. If your motorcycle isn’t listed below, don’t worry, here’s how to know which kit works best for you:
Order the Bottom Kit if:
– There’s a heated grip wire that comes out the top half of your throttle’s rubber grip flange.
– There are no other interferences on the bottom half of your throttle grip like throttle cable brackets and turn signal buttons. Start and kill switch buttons aren’t interferences because you won’t need to access them while cruising.
Order the Top Kit if:
– There is less than 1-1/2 inches (38 mm) of clearance between the tank and the throttle housing at full right turn.
– There’s a heated grip wire that comes out the bottom half of your rubber grip flange.

Technical Specifications
– Made of hardened stainless steel
– Rust and corrosion resistant, inside and out
– Precision laser cut mechanism
– All cuts around every moving part are oversized to allow proper displacement of grit
– No maintenance required
– Made in the USA

The ATLAS Throttle Lock is a mechanical cruise control that fits on nearly every motorcycle
Can be overridden at any time by simply rotating the throttle while still engaged
Thumb activated engage and disengage button in a safe, ergonomic position
Simple and quick installation that does not require the removal of hand guards or grips
Made in the USA by a fellow rider


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