Altifarm Combo Home Farm: Vertical Raised Bed Elevated Garden Self-Watering Planter Kit (4 Tier, Peach) Plus Expansion Packs : Altifarm Grow System + LED Grow Lights + Greenhouse Cover + Wheel Kit

Posted on Dec 14 2019 - 7:50am by gadgeta




Cultivate a thriving garden with ease with Altifarm, the all-season, modular home farm designed to suit busy lifestyles and tight urban spaces. It works just like a traditional garden, except instead of your yard, you can grow your fresh and delicious produce just about anywhere, anytime of year.

Place it in your kitchen, on your porch, or even your basement, and start enjoying crisp, nutritious, and flavorful meals with fresh produce all year long. Start your plants from seeds, transplants, or even from leftovers- no proprietary seed pods or subscription necessary.

Its smart design takes minimal floor space but provides a massive grow area that takes all the guesswork out gardening. Each tier comes with a patented, automatic self-watering system for on-demand watering. It even stores water for a week, so you won’t have to worry about your plants while you’re away.

1. Why doesn’t Altifarm come with seeds and soil? We believe in empowering you to choose your own plants. Plus, shipping soil is expensive

2. How is Altifarm different from tabletop gadgets to grow plants? Or an indoor pot? Altifarm empowers you to grow meaningful amounts of fresh produce at home, without any bounds on what/how/when. It self-waters, it’s spacious yet compact, and it doesn’t need a window. Counter-top devices introduce home growing, but they only fit 3-6 plants and don’t feed you. Also, most rely on expensive seed pod or growing subscriptions. Besides, what’s the fun in gardening if you can’t get your hands dirty?

3. What can I grow with Altifarm? ANYTHING! No subscription needed. Grow microgreens, herbs, leafy vegetables, fruit vegetables, and even root vegetables in the deeper trays.INCLUDES: X Tier COLOR Altifarm + Grow Lights Pack + Greenhouse Cover + Mobility Wheels. All shipped separately. (Seeds + Soil NOT included)
HEALTHY HARVEST IN YOUR HOME: why go all the way to the store just to wonder where your food has been? Now you can have NON-GMO, pesticide-free, farm to fork freshness in seconds when and how you want it. Grow herbs, vegetables, microgreens, flowers – anything you can think of! Save money on overpriced produce you’d have to buy again and again and grow it effortlessly instead!
“IN SEASON ALL YEAR: Do you crave fresh tomatoes in December? Dry-climate herbs in the middle of rainy Spring? No problem! Just attach the Altifarm Greenhouse Cover and transform any room or balcony into the ideal conditions for your very own home garden. “
“NO SUN? NO PROBLEM: with the Altifarm Grow Light Expansion Kit you can grow in any room at any time of day or night! “
DO LESS, GET MORE: Your Altifarm sets up in minutes and the lasts for years! Save time every day and never risk over-watering again. Simply add your soil, plant your seeds, water once a week and let the built-in self-watering system do the rest! Bonus – you don’t need any extra tools to set it up, and there’s no annoying app to install or update. No water connection, electricity, or pump needed.



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