Air-Trekkers Extreme Model – Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts – Medium, 160-210 lbs

Posted on Jul 9 2017 - 3:27pm by gadgeta

Air-Trekkers Extreme Model - Carbon Fiber Spring Jumping Stilts - Medium, 160-210 lbs



Youth is for young people (ages 8-12,) under 5’2″, or less than 120 lbs. Many women use this model. Youth model maneuvers with ease and minimal fatigue. Adult model helps build athletic skill. Jump exercise/ rebound without the risk of high-impact. Jumping is the most efficient form of exercise for cardio. As well core strength, powerful legs, balance and agility development. Now presenting ‘Extreme.’ This is Air-Trekkers newest high performance model. Disney performers have advised on the design. Air-Trekkers Extreme Model offers ultimate control and comfort. The wide velcro binding straps secure the smallest flying acrobats and the heaviest jumpers. The new calf-cuff leg attachment feature is light and easy to tighten. This is the ideal jumping stilt for exercise or parkour tricks. It is now easy to jump as high as you want or run as fast as you can. (Up to 3-5 meters high, over 20 miles per hour.) All Air-Trekkers models are safe, comfortable and ‘tons of fun on day one.’ Air-Trekkers Youth, Adult, and Extreme models come in varied size configurations. Youth Medium (70-95 lbs,) Youth Large (95-120 lbs.) Adult Small (120-160 lbs,) Adult Medium (160-210 lbs,) and Adult Large (210-250 lbs.) Extreme Small (120-160 lbs,) Extreme Medium (160-210 lbs,) and Extreme Large (210-250 lbs.)

Safest highest quality carbon-fiber spring member and durable aluminum-lithium construction for safety
You’ll love the adrenaline rush fro bionic-like leg-attachments you’re wearing
Run, maneuver, jump with ease and develop valuable motor and awareness skills
Daily health benefits of jumping exercise do not carry the risks of high-impact activities


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