1500W Vertical Hydroponic Grow Kit: Tower, Tent, LEDs, and Fan – Aerospring Indoor Herb & Vegetable Garden – 27 Plant Grow System – Grey

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Made from high-quality, USDA-approved, UV-stabilized, food-grade plastic. 60 minute assembly, no tools required. Includes 12 month warranty on pump and LED grow lights Please note that the Aerospring Indoor is meant to be placed indoors.


What You Get in the Aerospring Indoor – 27 Plant Grow System

  • 20 gallon (75L) bucket, a lid for the bucket with a small service port
  • 9 hexagonal planter sections
  • shower head with lid
  • 9 water pipe conduits
  • 27 rock wool cubes and grow pots
  • water pump with a hose and connectors
  • hexgrow nutrients
  • 73.2″x 33.1″ x 30.7″ hexagonal grow tent with 6 zip able side panels
  • powder coated metal grow tent frame with wheelbase and 4 lockable wheels
  • 6 x 23W 4ft patented professional tri-band LED grow lights
  • 1 x 150W driver for lights
  • 1500W COB LED Top Panel
  • 200mm quiet exhaust fan 
  • 2 WiFi timers to automate and schedule lights and pump settings
  • 1 x 40 page” user manual & grow guide
  • access to Aerospring exclusive online community, for growing tips and guidance


About Us

Aerospring is based in Singapore and offers high-quality vertical hydroponic systems, solutions, and accessories. We have a physical store and have been in business for three years. We have sold over two thousand systems, and have only recently expanded into the U.S. e-commerce market.

GROW INDOORS ALL-YEAR ROUND: Consistently yield up to 3 servings (225g) of greens a day no matter the weather or season.
GET MORE BANG FOR YOUR BUCK: Grow up to 27 plants in only 10 square feet. Aerospring grows more per cubic foot than any other grow tower on the market.
HIGH OUTPUT LED EDITION: Includes full spectrum 1500W COB LED Panel to grow plants that need more light.
QUALITY & ENVIRONMENTALLY COMPLIANT: Aerospring is manufactured in Singapore and adheres to strict quality assurance and environmental standards.
EXCELLENT CUSTOMER SUPPORT & COMMUNITY: Aerospring Gardeners get exclusive access to our online community, for growing tips and guidance.



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